Payment of your order

Payment of purchases is made at the choice of the customer :

  • By credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • By check

Payment by CB Secured:

You can pay by credit card: in this case, payment is made via our partner CIC. You can pay online with confidence by entering the number, the expiry date of your credit card and the security code located on the back of the card in the places provided for this purpose.

Your credit card details are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and never pass through the network. Payment is made directly to the bank. The seller has no access to these details, and does not keep them on its servers. That's why they are asked for each new transaction on our site.

Payment by check:

In case of payment by check, this must be made payable to Création 14. It should be addressed to: Boutique Louis Quatorze 106, rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris. The products ordered are not reserved. The order remains valid for 10 days from the date of order. After this period and in the absence of receipt of the corresponding check, the seller reserves the right to cancel the customer's order. The check will then be returned to him upon receipt. The cashing and shipping of the order is made upon receipt of the check.

Security of your means of payment


All bank data entered are processed securely and are immediately encrypted. This information is only accessible to our banking partner, the Crédit Mutuel CIC group via the CM-CIC p @ iement solution, so that it can get in touch with your bank. At no time, We, or any third party, can access your bank details. Your payment is sent to our bank partner on the day of the order.

In addition, all payment information is transmitted encrypted SSL to protect the information on your card and ensure that it can not be used by other people.

At the time of payment, the symbols  indicate that you are on a secure connection.