Louis Quatorze Style

The Louis Quatorze style is in harmony with tradition and art. The tribute to the flamboyant period of the Sun King is omnipresent in the collections of Louis Quatorze, which fall into three main groups: Classical, Contemporary and Signature. They are also a tribute to the great French cities and monuments: Louvre, Toulouse, Chambéry, Champagne ... Louis Quatorze abounds in motifs, like those in the time of the Sun King.

Indeed, the brand itself is like a source of information, letting us know of several ideas, always in motion, in a good dynamic which attracts customers from different universes, from various styles, from casual street to the formal elegance.

There is always a story behind a luxury brand whose customers often want to identify themselves and with whom they want to create contact and interact. Louis Quatorze has always aimed to communicate regularly with his future clients and create a lifestyle of class and luxury.